3-23-17 Local Characters, Local History!

Hey Gang, what a week! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve had my hands very full lately.

Local Characters

On a recent trip up to Massachusetts, I was talking with my parents about all the wonderful and energetic people we knew who had passed on and how they would be remembered. Then I realized my very question was probably why ballads were written and stories of old were told about certain individuals: so their personalities and deeds would not be lost to death.

Alan Moore Speaks and Inspires!

…Be prepared to excavate! – Alan Moore

It’s a very human thing to want to remember people. And then I thought of Allan Moore’s fantastically inspiring video in which he encourages us all to explore our own towns and local heroes for fantastic histories. Basically, he inspires the viewer to write about his/her local history.

He says it much much better:

Write on!

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