7-7-17 Choosing inkjet photo paper for my Canon Pro-100 printer!

Hey readers, I’ve been using my Canon Pro-100 printer a lot recently and have been so pleased with it. I was really amazed when I recently used it to create our wedding invitations and programs. Not only that, but I’ve been printing some artwork with it and it does a wonderful job.

Learning about photo paper for my Canon Pro-100 large format printer

So right now, I’m trying to learn what types of photo or “fine art” papers work best with my printer. I’ve been using luster, semi-gloss and matte papers for some of the artwork I’ve been printing but I’m curious about finding even better choices.

What I’ve learned so far, is that matte papers handle lighter images (with less dark areas) best and most images that have very dark and very light details look better on semi-gloss or gloss papers. As a side note, I don’t like printing on glossy paper so much as it’s highly reflective under most types of lighting. Here are some useful links I found:

A list of the different types of inkjet photo paper.

Some papers for reproducing watercolor prints.

By the way, if you have any favorite papers, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!


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