3-25-22 Incredible: Alibris is selling my book!

The respected Alibris new and secondhand online bookseller logo

As I was googling after re-releasing my blog onto the World Wide Web (see my last post for the full story), I was beyond psyched to discover that the Christmas horror anthology “Oh Horrid Night” in which my short story is published is now selling at Alibris online!

What makes Alibris special, and makes me so excited, is that it’s one of the oldest places to buy books online. You can find rare editions, first editions, paperbacks, and hard covers. What’s also incredible is that they sell used and secondhand books!

And so, I’m thrilled my book is now a part of the Alibris legend. Thank you Alibris, keep up your wonderful business of selling books online!


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Posted March 24, 2022 by Gabriel in category "Writing