6-23-17 I got Married!

Gabriel and Kaye Barbaro Wedding_by Victory Photographs

Hey readers!
I’m so extremely happy to share that this past weekend, I was married to my beautiful wife Kaye! It was an incredible experience and I’m just so grateful and feel so blessed to be with someone as lovely as Kaye.

I also have to thank our friend, the amazing photographer behind Victory Photographs. He documented our wedding with style and grace. Thank you so much Vic. 

Have a lovely weekend,

1-20-17 The “Inauguration”

The Trump "Inaugeration"Some Inauguration humor posted to Twitter by @yurionlove. Special thanks to my friend Zeke for spotting it yesterday on Twitter.

I’m so upset about Trump’s “inauguration”. I can’t write it all down here. So I’m purposely staying away from TV coverage of the “inauguration” as my form of protest.

Stay strong Everyone!

1-13-17 Upcoming Game of Thrones US Concert Tour

I just heard about the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience from my buddy over at BBGun Press. It’s kicking off February 20th, 2017 and it looks pretty wild (see the promo video above). What I like about it most, besides being a GOT fan, is that it employs live musicians and will feature the show composer Ramin Djawadi (who also composed for the movie Pacific Rim and HBO’s recent WestWorld)!

Have a rocking weekend!

8-29-16 I’m Engaged!

Our engagement photo 8-28-16

Yesterday, I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend and she said “yes”! I feel so lucky and grateful to be engaged to such an intelligent, funny, unique, beautiful, and artistic woman. I hope you all have an incredible week!

4-22-16 Rest In Peace, Prince

I’m real sad about Prince’s passing yesterday (it still seems surreal). He was such a cultural reference point in our lives, it’s really hard for me to understand he was mortal too.

I’m dedicating one of my favorite Prince songs to him (above). Yes, that’s him singing! Isn’t it amazing how differently he can sing depending on the material?

Thank you Prince, for the all the music you brought to the world during my life. And I danced to so much to it! Thank you!

Thank you for all your music!


1-15-16 Thank you Alan Rickman!

Alan Rickman BADA Oxford Program 2004

Yesterday, I was sad to hear that actor Alan Rickman passed away.

I was lucky enough to meet him at BADA’s Midsummer in Oxford Program back in 2004. He was kind enough to sit while I snapped some 35mm film photos of him (see above). Needless to say, the experience totally made my day! I was so psyched!

He was a great actor and I’ll miss seeing him in the movies.

Rest well, Alan Rickman. Thank you!