10-16-14 Protesting fracking at Cuomo’s book signing last night!

Ban Fracking Now!

Last evening, I stumbled into a fracking protest outside of Barnes and Noble Union Square. I hate fracking so much, I decided to protest too! Cuomo’s first book signing was inside, so the media was buzzing. I got interviewed by NY1. They asked if I would buy Cuomo’s Memoir and I said “I would browse it, but I wouldn’t buy it”. But the resulting coverage by NY1 had NO MENTION of the protest. Come ON NY1!

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Classical Music Drowned out by Religious Nut!

As I commuted through Fulton Street station yesterday, I heard wonderful classical music… and a woman’s voice. I soon passed two mildly amused classical musicians and saw the source of their disturbance: a religious fanatic had decided to park herself right nearby. She was belting out “religious” “songs”. If she hit a correct note, I don’t think anyone knew, including her. And, God bless her, she was so loud and off-tune she was actually competing with two stringed instruments! I almost broke. But I had to get to work. What a royal pain!

The Scene at Moscow57 and Meeting Randy Jones!

Gabriel Barbaro and Randy Jones at Moscow57
Gabriel Barbaro and Randy Jones at Moscow57

This past Sunday night, I had the pleasure of attending a party at Moscow57, the newly opened Central Asian/Russian restaurant owned by my friend and colleague Ellen Kaye. I met Ellen when I directed the following music video for Moscow57:
I’m Gonna Rob A Bank for Christmas

Sunday night’s party honored the unveiling of a restored photo of Zero Mostel, given to Ellen by her parents, and the actor  Jim Brochu who is starring in the play The Character Man. And Zero Mostel’s son Josh Mostel was there too! There was awesome live music and wonderful hors d’oeuvres.

Then the night got even more surreal when I met and chatted with Randy Jones. Randy is the Cowboy of the Village People! He was really nice and a lot of fun; full of positive energy! My buddy actor Tom Stratford took our photo (above). And when I posted it to Facebook, Randy even commented on the photo! What a nice guy.

Thanks to my wonderful hosts Ellen Kaye, Seth Goldman (Chef and partner) and Ethan Fein (Musician and partner) for a fantastic night!

-The Wandering Humorist

England, orginator of ridiculous taxes!

Having just filed my taxes, I saw this article on DealNews.com (a favorite website because it’s written with wit) about weird taxes in history:

“Awful Historical Taxes That Make Yours Seem Not So Bad” by Jeff Somogyi, Media Editor at DealNews.com

This article proves why our early countrymen fought against the British. Just look at how many bizarre taxes they invented: A tax on soap and wallpaper? You’ve got to be kidding me – ATTACK!

-The Wandering Humorist