7-8-16 Jim McKenzie, Rising Fine Artist and Filmmaker!

Fine Artist Jim McKenzie on 7-3-16

Recently, I had the chance to meet director, sculptor and fine artist Jim Mckenzie in SoHo. We first got in touch on Instagram about a year ago when I saw photos of his bright, colorful, fanciful art with it’s touch of melancholy. When we met in person, I immediately noticed his eyes. They were full of mirth and energy. I’d even say he has, “laughing eyes”.

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11-21-14 NYC Graffiti Artist Chico

A passerby looks at a A painting of Basquiat by NYC Graffiti Artist Chico
Basquiat by NYC Graffiti Artist Chico, Tompkins Square Park June 2012

Thanks to my best friend, I was in Tomkins Square Park on June 3rd 2012, during a big outdoor exhibition. Murals were wrapped around the entire park! It was awesome. While walking around I noticed a superfly boombox, all graffitied up and took a picture. I’d never seen one like it! I saw it again, this time next to a beautiful painting of Jean-Michel Basquiat. By the way, the fellow on the right walked into my shot, but as it happened, it made my photo so much better!

So, who was Chico?

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11-17-14 Taboo: A New Yorker Visits Times Square…and Has Fun!

A man is dressed as a Marijuana Leaf in Time Square
We’re in agreement! This man was kind enough to pose for me.

New Yorkers tend to stay away from Times Square; we all pretty much agree it’s out-of-control and swarming with tourists. And that makes it UNCOOL. But last week, I decided to walk through on my way to the Big Data concert. Soon, I was shooting away… and then I saw it: a gigantic axe sticking out of a New York taxi cab!

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Slice of New York City Life

It’s funny to realize I’m blogging in New York City, and have yet to write anything about life here. Well that ends tonight! I admit after 6 years of New York, I’ve grown used to the frenetic energy. But that to which I can’t adapt, are the wild and crazy people I encounter. Here are some anecdotes.

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The Scene at Moscow57 and Meeting Randy Jones!

Gabriel Barbaro and Randy Jones at Moscow57
Gabriel Barbaro and Randy Jones at Moscow57

This past Sunday night, I had the pleasure of attending a party at Moscow57, the newly opened Central Asian/Russian restaurant owned by my friend and colleague Ellen Kaye. I met Ellen when I directed the following music video for Moscow57:
I’m Gonna Rob A Bank for Christmas

Sunday night’s party honored the unveiling of a restored photo of Zero Mostel, given to Ellen by her parents, and the actor  Jim Brochu who is starring in the play The Character Man. And Zero Mostel’s son Josh Mostel was there too! There was awesome live music and wonderful hors d’oeuvres.

Then the night got even more surreal when I met and chatted with Randy Jones. Randy is the Cowboy of the Village People! He was really nice and a lot of fun; full of positive energy! My buddy actor Tom Stratford took our photo (above). And when I posted it to Facebook, Randy even commented on the photo! What a nice guy.

Thanks to my wonderful hosts Ellen Kaye, Seth Goldman (Chef and partner) and Ethan Fein (Musician and partner) for a fantastic night!

-The Wandering Humorist

Starstruck: Parker Posey

Last week, I was at The Library Bar in the Public Theater having drinks with friends from London. I felt special. Suddenly, I became aware I was looking across at an attractive woman sitting at the next table. I was looking at…at…at Parker Posey! Yes, the woman with the mane of black hair, and dark eyes who was quietly talking with a girlfriend was freaking PARKER POSEY. Was I in a dream? Was I HIGH? (Note: I’m pretty much “straight-edge” without the mishegoss)

I suddenly realized, I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time; how could I not stare? Gorgeous, super funny AND eccentric? How rare a combo is THAT?? In a million years, I never thought I would see her in real life.

However, instead of taking my usual tact with famous people and speaking with her, I found I wasn’t moving. I was confused. I was transfixed. Really, I was just trying to demonstrate I wasn’t looking at her. And contrary to what I expected, she didn’t get up to leave. She was just hanging with her friend at the next table, like a regular person.

And that’s when I realized I was starstruck. I was caught dead in my tracks. I was stunned. I was in my head, man. Of all the famous people I dig and admire, I never thought I’d actually run into HER!

I had been smacked upside the head by Ms. Posey. Thank you Parker Posey, you have obviated all my worldy woes. I can now die in supreme peace!

Note to self: See Party Girl