5-18-15 Cheapest Photo Processing in New York City?

Accurate Photo - Cheapest Film Processing in NYC? photo IMG_0154_zpssom2iwae.jpg

I hope you all had a great weekend! New York City has become humid and sticky. Arg!

Over the weekend, I went to get a roll of 35mm film processed, which I shot with my Panaview Opti-Wide panoramic camera. And my local film shop wasn’t there anymore! I began to freak out. Luckily, I saw a little sign with their new location. It was then that I began to appreciate that they’re probably the cheapest place to process 35mm in all of New York City! I walked right over and there they were. Thank the Lord!

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2-23-15 Continuing through the Photography of sailor David M. Anderson

David M Andersons Photo of the USS Enterprise, 1978
David M Anderson’s 35mm photo of the USS Enterprise, 1978

More of Sailor David M. Anderson’s 35mm Photography!

I recently purchased a collection of 35mm film negatives shot by US Navy sailor David M. Anderson during his time aboard the USS Enterprise US Aircraft Carrier in 1978. The Enterprise was not only the longest in the world, but also nuclear powered! I’ve come to realize what an inspiring photographer Mr Anderson was and so I’d like to share more of his photography with you. I scanned the negatives using my Epson Perfection v600 Photo scanner.

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1-15-15 My “new” Panaview OPTI-Wide Panoramic Lens 35mm Camera

Prospect Park shot with the PanaView Opti-Wide Panoramic 35mm Camera
Prospect Park shot with the PanaView OPTI-Wide Panoramic 35mm Camera

The Panaview OPTI-Wide 35mm Camera

About a month ago, my girlfriend and I visited Brooklyn’s BuildItGreenNYC where I bought this Panaview OPTI-Wide 35mm film camera for $1, really hoping it would work. Bright yellow, all plastic and fully mechanical (no batteries needed!), this camera definitely snagged my attention. I thought about how my Dad shot panoramic photos of the Grand Canyon when my family visited back in the summer of 1995. Radical! Now I just had to shoot a test roll and see if it worked…

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