11-21-14 NYC Graffiti Artist Chico

A passerby looks at a A painting of Basquiat by NYC Graffiti Artist Chico
Basquiat by NYC Graffiti Artist Chico, Tompkins Square Park June 2012

Thanks to my best friend, I was in Tomkins Square Park on June 3rd 2012, during a big outdoor exhibition. Murals were wrapped around the entire park! It was awesome. While walking around I noticed a superfly boombox, all graffitied up and took a picture. I’d never seen one like it! I saw it again, this time next to a beautiful painting of Jean-Michel Basquiat. By the way, the fellow on the right walked into my shot, but as it happened, it made my photo so much better!

So, who was Chico?

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