12-19-14 Why I decided to return my Beautiful Black Rollei 35 Travel Camera

35mm film test photo from my Rollei 35 film camera
35mm film test photo from my Rollei 35 film camera

I’m FINALLY getting around to explaining why, after all my research, I decided to return my awesome mobile Rollei 35 travel camera. It was a beautiful machine, the black version.

It’s a totally portable 35mm film travel camera and amazing small. I was really excited to get it. However, after shooting two test rolls of film, I discovered it has it’s drawbacks…

**Be sure to check out my 35mm film test rolls after the fold**

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8mm film is AWESOME, so remember to use it if possible!

After reading this article on the bbc.com on shooting celluloid film, and in particular 8mm film, I went fishing. Look at the great links I caught:

An awesome organization based in Brooklyn, teaching celluloid filmmaking:

And here’s a list of 8mm film resources in New York City:

That got me thinking about what it costs to shoot 8mm film in New York City. I think these guys may have the best pricing around. They also sell cameras and film. I’ll have to stop by their showroom:

And this is a place in LA that’s all about 8mm film/cameras/education:

Happy shooting!