3-17-22 It’s been 5 long years…

Han Solo being freed from his Carbonite Prison in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi

Hello Readers…

In August 2017, when this blog was listed number one on Google Search for the keywords “writer photographer nyc”, it was hacked. My hosting service went on high alert and yanked it behind a password protected firewall. Next, they emailed me rescue instructions: complex steps to search and destroy the malware sitting somewhere on my site thanks to an Evil Hacker. But with all the life events going on, I simply could not get those steps started.

And so this blog sat, year after year, until…

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6-23-17 I got Married!

Gabriel and Kaye Barbaro Wedding_by Victory Photographs

Hey readers!
I’m so extremely happy to share that this past weekend, I was married to my beautiful wife Kaye! It was an incredible experience and I’m just so grateful and feel so blessed to be with someone as lovely as Kaye.

I also have to thank our friend, the amazing photographer behind Victory Photographs. He documented our wedding with style and grace. Thank you so much Vic. 

Have a lovely weekend,

More great synthwave / 80s revival music!

Hey gang!

As I’ve been writing my science fiction short story, I’ve been searching bandcamp for some good futuristic music using the following keywords: “synthwave, retrowave, synthpop, etc.” and finding some great, relatively unknown music!

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