6-22-14 A Comedy Writer’s Challenge!

Longtime subscribers may remember this blog was originally called The Wandering Humorist. I said I’d write about all my funny adventures around New York City.

The weird thing was, it just didn’t happen. I could write easily about photography, directing, my creative process, but somehow, my comedic mirth just didn’t come through. I was perplexed.

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Slice of New York City Life

It’s funny to realize I’m blogging in New York City, and have yet to write anything about life here. Well that ends tonight! I admit after 6 years of New York, I’ve grown used to the frenetic energy. But that to which I can’t adapt, are the wild and crazy people I encounter. Here are some anecdotes.

I was coming home late along 7th Avenue in Park Slope and I noticed a twenty-something walking down the sidewalk laughing in a kooky way. Continue reading

Be like the driver of this Car!

A car parked up on the curb, yo!
A car is parked up on the curb.

I want to be more like the driver of this car. It’s my personal mission to take life less seriously, and this driver is WAY AHEAD of me. Oh the wonder! To be able to park like this and not care. Or better yet, not even notice. I mean, this driver gave up being a perfectionist LONG ago!

As for me, I constantly battle my perfectionism. Heck, I fight with it just to post to this blog! Because if you try to get everything right, it’s hard to get anything done. Including, apparently, getting your car parked in NYC.

I wonder if he/she got out and just strolled away, carefree. Or if he/she looked, saw they were parked up on the curb, and just shrugged? I like that image best, because they just didn’t give a damn. And I’d like to be more that way, at least when I create art. I’d jettison the inner critic, the voice that likes to say, “Well obviously that isn’t good enough!” and instead hear a voice that says, “I’m gonna do this – critics be damned!”.

And so, the moral I draw from this bad parking job is this: try to take things less seriously, like the driver of this car. Oh, and usually when you do something badly, it’s going to be funny.

– The Wandering Humorist