1-30-15 TentSquare was nominated for a 2015 Edison Award!

TentSquare Nominated For A 2015 Edison Award
TentSquare Nominated For A 2015 Edison Award

I just found out my friend Andrew van den Houten’s innovative new website TentSquare was nominated for a 2015 Edison Award! From what I understand, TentSquare is a new social media site for film creatives (writers, actors, producers and musicians) and produces its own films. One interesting aspect: it holds competitions for jobs within these film projects. For example, during the casting phase of a TentSquare film, the community votes on who will play the lead actors.

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Sean Young shot 8mm film on the movie DUNE!?!?

I just came across the most crazy thing! I never knew it until just now, but Sean Young shot 8mm film during the making of DUNE! It’s pretty amazing to watch. And I like the idea that Sean Young, in all her beauty, was filmming everyone else. You can see the pull she has on people as they look into her camera. From her voiceover, it sounds like she knew that DUNE was a special time and event. And that it was not an entirely successful movie. How cool she took the time to shoot, not just the actors, but also all the crew, and in a very organized way. I didn’t realize how intelligent she was.

I like the ending too.

Sean Young’s Behind the Scenes of Dune

Shoot on!

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