3-2-15 Cherry S/T – An Awesome Band!

Bob Bowser of Cherry ST performing in Boston 10-13-12
Bob Bowser of Cherry ST performing at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston 10-13-12

I met Bob of Cherry S/T and Keep Me Conscious while directing my music video for their song “Greatest Disaster” (below) which went on to premiere at the Coney Island Film Festival. From there it went to television for several months playing on Music Choice’s video on demand:

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Writing a Music Video Treatment

I worked hard this week to submit a treatment I’m pitching to a band; It’s a music video for one of their songs. And I learned some cool stuff in the process, using the link below as reference.

Putting it together was fun, since I used photos to lay out the mood of the entire video. Basically, the photos are like a storyboard, which is helpful since I wouldn’t be able to draw that much detail! After I found the photos, I wrote the story out. I wrote the story around the photos, which were paired with each standza of the lyrics. It was a fun process, and I’m definitely going to use the technique again for the next music video treatment I submit!

How to Pitch Better Music Video Treatments – Radar Music Videos Blog

– The Wandering Humorist

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Synthesizer – Electric Six

Electric Six is a rockingly cool and funny band. When my pal Andy introduced me to their music about three years ago, I became a fan. For those of you wondering, they’re best known for their hit “Danger! High Voltage” featuring Jack White. However, they have other really funny songs too. And singer Dick Valentine is incredible! He is intelligent, witty and completely silly and absurd.

Today, I’m going to share the video for their song “Synthesizer”:

This music video is awesome in so many ways, from the great retro aesthetic (thanks to Director Chris Chambless), to the absurdly funny lyrics. And of course, the incredible performance by lead actor Guy Perry. So weird, odd and funny. I had to leave a comment. And I can’t believe that he wrote me back. What a nice guy:

Guy Perry, lead actor in the music video Synthesizer by Electric Six, wrote me back!
Guy Perry, lead actor in the music video Synthesizer by Electric Six, wrote me back!

Long live Electric Six and Guy Perry!

– The Wandering Humorist