1-23-15 I Marched in the 4 Mile March NYC Against Police Brutality on The Martin Luther King Day 2015

4 MILE MARCH_MLK_1-19-15-14
The 4 Mile March NYC on Martin Luther King’s Day 2015

Angered by Eric Garner’s wrongful death at the hands of rogue NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, I headed to a march against police brutality on Martin Luther King Day. We made it to Union Square around 2:30pm where several people were speaking before there was a four minute “Die In”. We all lay down on the sidewalk and someone nearby sang what sounded like an old spiritual, while people repeated “I can’t breathe” and others counted off up to 11 only to start again at 1. I joined in, saying “I can’t breathe” over and over. And that’s when I truly realized how many times Eric Garner said he couldn’t breathe. And Office Pantaleo didn’t listen to him. What a disgrace.

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10-16-14 Protesting fracking at Cuomo’s book signing last night!

Ban Fracking Now!

Last evening, I stumbled into a fracking protest outside of Barnes and Noble Union Square. I hate fracking so much, I decided to protest too! Cuomo’s first book signing was inside, so the media was buzzing. I got interviewed by NY1. They asked if I would buy Cuomo’s Memoir and I said “I would browse it, but I wouldn’t buy it”. But the resulting coverage by NY1 had NO MENTION of the protest. Come ON NY1!

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