4-28-15 DigiPower Camera “Stabilizer” is Not Worth Your Money!

The DigiPower Camera Stabilizer from Best Buy is not good.
The DigiPower Camera Stabilizer from Best Buy is not good.

Hey y’all! Hope your respective weeks are off to a great start!

I just shot a music performance at Moscow 57 with my GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and needed a stabilizer for it. So I bought the DigiPower Camera Stabilizer from Best Buy… it worked… but not when I was moving! What a contradiction in terms: a “stabilizer” that doesn’t keep your camera steady when you move!

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3-30-15 Analog, 80s Inspired Music Videos: Check It Out!

Hey y’all! And thanks to all the new people who have been subscribing, I really appreciate your readership!

I thought I’d share these three new analog, 1980s-inspired music videos with you. It’s new music too. It’s crazy how the the ’80s VHS look is so hot right now. But I think it’s cool in our super-digital-clarity world. Thanks to my peoples over at PIAS and BBGUN Press and for the heads up!

STEALING SHEEP – NOT REAL (okay, maybe not ’80s looking, but definitely Retro!)

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3-16-15 Thanks for one year!!

Photographed by Suzy Palmer on Martha’s Vineyard, 2013!

Dear readers,

In two days, March 18th, I will mark one year of blogging weekly! It’s a big step for me and it’s been a trip!

I want to thank you all for supporting me and swinging by Mondays and Fridays to check out what I have to say. THANK YOU so much!

And I feel like I’ve grown in this last year: I’ve begun reviewing and photographing concerts on Gabriel.Press and blogged about photography, video and my creative process. Heck, I even changed the name of my blog!

Thanks so much for all the support!