3-16-15 Thanks for one year!!

Photographed by Suzy Palmer on Martha’s Vineyard, 2013!

Dear readers,

In two days, March 18th, I will mark one year of blogging weekly! It’s a big step for me and it’s been a trip!

I want to thank you all for supporting me and swinging by Mondays and Fridays to check out what I have to say. THANK YOU so much!

And I feel like I’ve grown in this last year: I’ve begun reviewing and photographing concerts on Gabriel.Press and blogged about photography, video and my creative process. Heck, I even changed the name of my blog!

Thanks so much for all the support!

3-2-15 Cherry S/T – An Awesome Band!

Bob Bowser of Cherry ST performing in Boston 10-13-12
Bob Bowser of Cherry ST performing at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston 10-13-12

I met Bob of Cherry S/T and Keep Me Conscious while directing my music video for their song “Greatest Disaster” (below) which went on to premiere at the Coney Island Film Festival. From there it went to television for several months playing on Music Choice’s video on demand:

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1-30-15 TentSquare was nominated for a 2015 Edison Award!

TentSquare Nominated For A 2015 Edison Award
TentSquare Nominated For A 2015 Edison Award

I just found out my friend Andrew van den Houten’s innovative new website TentSquare was nominated for a 2015 Edison Award! From what I understand, TentSquare is a new social media site for film creatives (writers, actors, producers and musicians) and produces its own films. One interesting aspect: it holds competitions for jobs within these film projects. For example, during the casting phase of a TentSquare film, the community votes on who will play the lead actors.

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